Sue Simpson Scottish art

What is it?: 

A clean and simple website to display an art portfolio

Special Features: 

Sue Simpson gallery slideshow by AlbanyWeb

Sue Simpson is an Edinburgh-based artist who wanted an easier website for promoting her art, and to help sell her series of greetings cards.  Her previous website used a Flash slideshow to show her paintings, and was inflexible for adding further information (as well as invisible on many tablets and phones).  However, she liked the very simple appearance and the gallery-like space of her original design.

AlbanyWeb created a new website that framed each image in bright and soothing colours, and created a consistent look and navigation across every page.  We used our own customised slideshow tool to give her a user-friendly gallery display for each page, and allowed for Sue to add extra information to each artwork, or not.   This is the first website that we have deliberately designed to look its best on a small tablet screen, but our responsive website design means that it look good on a large screen as well.  Her home page shows a random selection of art, keeping her home page fresh each time.  Finally, we added a contact form to allow easier communications with potential buyers.

Behind the scenes we created a website that was simplicity itself to edit and update.  All that is necessary is to upload an image, add any further information as desired, select a gallery to display it in, and click a Save button.  From one simple form, Sue has complete control over all her content.