Secure web browsing at AlbanyWeb

Recently, Google increased the security warnings on the Chrome browser.  Chrome now generates a warning for any website without a secure connection if there is a user input box such as a search box. 

A secure connection is one where any information sent to and from the web page is encrypted, so protected from interception.  Visitors to a secure site will see the secure icon (often a green padlock) which gives them confidence and makes the site look more professional.  Another way to tell is that the address of a secure website starts with 'https:'.

Some website owners are frustrated by the change.  They accept that passwords and credit card details need to be protected, but their site only has a search form and the contents of that aren't sensitive.  The catch is that Chrome can't be sure what information is sensitive, so it is playing safe and generating a warning.  Does the new warning suddenly make these websites unsafe?  No.  But it is not a good message to send to potential customers, who may feel less comfortable using a website which is sending them errors.

Google's change is part of a worldwide trend to push all websites to use only secure connections.  The warnings for non-secured websites will continue to increase - and rightly so, because it's now very easy to be secure.  What you need is an "SSL certificate", and they are now available for free (search for "Let’s Encrypt").  If you don't yet have a secure website, ask you service provider to enable one.

At AlbanyWeb, all our websites use secure connections for no extra charge.  Contact us to ask about a website conversion.

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