Start with a simple website

Our Standard website package offers a functional website that you can build on and customise.

  • We offer a fixed price for initial setup and development.
  • Your website up and running within a few weeks.
  • No tie-ins — you are free to leave at any time.  AlbanyWeb uses standard tools (Drupal) which means you are free to transfer your site elsewhere.
  • Scalable - start with an AlbanyWeb Standard website, and you can add customisations later.

Control your own site

With AlbanyWeb, you can make changes when you want without any cost.  We recognise that many of our customers are not very experienced or confident with computers.  However if you are happy using a word processor, then you should be fine to edit your own website.  We have designed our AlbanyWeb websites to make editing simple and intuitive.  You'll be glad to know there is an unlimited 'Undo' in case you make a mistake. 

Our Editing Guide includes easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions on how to work with our Standard Websites.  And don't worry, if you are stuck, you can ask us for help, or even ask us to do the editing for you.

Inclusive package

Our standard package includes:

  • Your own domain name, such as or — more professional than
  • Header with your logo or image, and your name.
  • Menu-bar to navigate between the pages.
  • Real people to talk to when you need some help.
  • Up to four pages real or example content to help get you started (you can add as many as you like later).
  • One hour's training on how to get started with your site.

Meeting your requirements

Our standard website is a solid foundation for further customisations and extra features, according to what you need for your website.  Apart from the look and feel (which is already custom to you), we can build a very original website onto our standard platform.   And we can take it further and build your website as a discrete theme, working bespoke from the foundation upwards.  It is entirely up to you and what you need.

At the start of any AlbanyWeb project, we will talk to you about what you want from your website, and what your goals are.  If there are additional customisations or feature you require we will provide you a no-obligation quotation for them.  If your budget doesn't stretch to everything, we can easily 'wishlist' some items and come back to them later on.

Early on, we allow you to view your website as it is being built, and invite your comments as we work.  

Good content makes for better design

We have all seen websites that look pretty but don't seem to quite fit their content, or there are pages that seem 'outside' the true design, like they are tagged on as an afterthought.  At AlbanyWeb we consider the bigger picture - it is easier and more effective to design a website when you have some real content to work with.  So, when you ask us to design your website, we ask you a lot of questions about what you want to say - because we want to make sure your design is more than just a pretty front.

Personal and flexible support

We believe in long term relationships with our customers, and our involvement does not end when your website is completed and launched.  We offer enhanced hosting plans that give you a cost-effective way to request extra help (or advice) when you need it.  You can compare our plans, and we are happy to discuss with you an option that suits your circumstances (and level of confidence).

We will also contact you from time to time just to check that your website is working the way it should and doing the work that you want it to do.

Content services

We can also help you with the following, either during your website construction or as an ongoing activity throughout the life of your website:

  • Graphic design.  If you don't have your own logo, we can help you create one.
  • Copywriting.  We can write all your initial content for you.  All our copywriting is human-friendly, but it is also friendly to Google and other search engines (read about our Advice and Consultancy.)
  • Extra help with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) — this would help your website come up higher when people search for yoga classes.  We can offer you training and tools, or do it all for you.

Move your website to AlbanyWeb

If you already have a website, but would like to join the AlbanyWeb network, we offer a very reasonable conversion service.   We can usually convert a small website for the same price as getting a new AlbanyWeb site.  Email us with the address of your website and we can confirm your conversion cost.

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