About AlbanyWeb

AlbanyWeb is a small company owned by Adam Shepherd and Tina Stoecklin, two people who want to use their collective 30 years' internet experience to help those who don't love computers (but who might need them a little).  We started AlbanyWeb to offer simple websites to yoga instructors and other health and wellbeing specialists, and quickly realised that lots of people needed a 'healthy' website (fit-for purpose, lightweight and fast).

Our Philosophy

At AlbanyWeb we believe:

  • in the good things that can be done online.
  • that doing good things online gives you time to do the stuff that really matters.
  • in avoiding the techno-jargon.
  • in complete transparency in the products we use.
  • in complete honesty in how and what we charge.

About Adam

An avid programmer from the age 12 when he got a ZX Spectrum, Adam naturally ended up in a career as a software programmer. Working for a busy, successful software firm, he has worked with more languages and systems than he can remember, and has watched the internet change from being a playground for computer geeks to become a part of our everyday life. He went to a few yoga classes where time allowed, and found it helpful to relieve stress and tightness.

14 years on, Adam was gradually becoming drawn more strongly towards yoga based on the benefits to mind and body, and at the same time, less attracted to the stress and strong commercial focus of working for a big firm. In 2010, he finally took the plunge and gave up his job to retrain as a yoga teacher and Thai massage therapist. His passion for computers is still strong, so he splits his time 50/50 between that and Yoga. He is self-employed in both spheres, and loves the freedom to choose his own priorities, with an emphasis on helping people be healthy.

About Tina

Like so many web developers of her generation, Tina got into it by accident.  After starting her professional life as a technical author, she began creating websites in 1996 for various university projects.  This included one of the first database-driven catalogue sites for an anthropological film project.  This was in the earliest days of the World Wide Web and so got in at the beginning.  From there she worked at an early e-commerce website (www.petplanet.co.uk), where she honed her search engine optimisation and online copywriting and marketing skills.  For the past nine years, she has been a website consultant, helping her clients to create websites that are easy for people to use and to find.  Her skills lie in finding what a customer really needs (and not just the latest Flashy website trend), and translating those needs into the right technical language.  She is also a prolific blogger.

Tina started yoga on the advice of a physiotherapist, in order to improve some hip and back problems.  She can report that it worked, and also that it helped with a lot of other tension and stress, and now yoga forms part of an overall fitness routine.  All this gives her enough stamina to chase after two lively children (who also love yoga), fit in some church bellringing, teach lots of handbell ringing, and keep up with the desk work.

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