AlbanyWeb philosophy

When we chose our software platforms, we made up a big list of everything we thought a decent website should have right from the start.  Using this, we have built our own modular platform so that we can customise a website to your needs in an affordable way. 

We use our experience to ensure that all the websites we build are robust, responsive and easy to use.  Our guiding principles include the following:

  • Our code is standards-compliant, following accepted guidelines of good practice at creating well-formed websites.
  • We choose software that is robust, tested and in a stable release.
  • Our programming is responsive, and mobile-first.
  • We follow best practice for visibility on search engines like Google.

Here's some things we don't do:

  • We don't use Drupal features that depend on proprietary software (such as Flash) that doesn't work on some devices or screensizes.
  • We don't do lazy code which looks good on the surface but doesn't work very well.
  • We won't add features which might compromise the security of your website.
  • We don't use Drupal modules which are already deprecated or look to be so in the near future.

We believe that no matter how long you have worked in the software industry, there's always more to learn.  The AlbanyWeb team keeps up-to-date with new best-practice guidelines, and are always on the lookout for ways to make our websites even better.

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