Advice and Consultancy

AlbanyWeb Ltd offers advice and consultancy services to help you get the best out of your website, increase your online presence or any other aspect of internet technology that you need some help with.

Our services include:

  • Design specification and wireframes - If you are not quite sure how to get started on your website, AlbanyWeb can sit down with you and help you determine what you do and don't need, and create a specification document which you can use to get cost estimates from any website developer or design agency.  We hope that you will go on to use AlbanyWeb to create your website, but our advice is objective and does not tie you to further AlbanyWeb services in any way.  A specification can be especially useful if you want to engage a designer, as it will help to ensure that all the important elements are included in the design.
  • Usability reviews - AlbanyWeb can conduct a thorough review of which parts of your website are working and which parts are being ignored, based on principles of User Experience Design and site traffic metrics.  The review would include a list of solutions.  A review can be comprehensive over the entire website, or focus on ways to improve a particular section or achieve a particular goal.
  • Search engine optimisation (SEO) services - AlbanyWeb can offer advice on how to improve your search engine results, based on best-practice and a thorough analysis of keyword-based search results.  We offer single comprehensive reviews, or a monthly search engine monitoring service.
  • Drupal training - AlbanyWeb offers online or telephone training for adding Drupal content. 
  • Content review and training - Is your content doing all the work that it can do?  AlbanyWeb applies principles of SEO-orientated digital copywriting to do a comprehensive review of your website's content, with advice on how to make your content work harder.  We can also offer digital copywriting training, to help you to write hard-working and effective content.
  • Copywriting - If you prefer to let someone else do the writing for you, then we can help out with professional copywriting services.  We take your rough notes, discuss your objectives with you, and provide well-written and clear text optimised for search engine ranking.


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