Website Health Checks

Over time, everyone's website content can get a little out of date, or accumulate too many old files or broken links.  While our AlbanyWeb hosting service looks after the system and core software (and we look after that continuously), we leave the content under your control.  And sometimes, parts of your content get a little neglected.

Our Website Health Check takes a look at your content and identifies areas where you need to clear some of those cobwebs away.  It includes:

  • a report on any broken links in your content.
  • a report on any unused images cluttering up your storage (and deletion on request).
  • an option to delete unpublished pages if there are too many.
  • a general overview on how well your site is doing.

You can take a snapshot of the health of your content at any time, and we recommend doing it at least once per year.  If you are actively adding content to your website (such as daily updates), you may wish to contact us about a monthly monitoring package.

Using pre-paid support

Customers who have an enhanced hosting plan (Hosting+Help or ContentCare) will have a website health check as part of their support package.

We are always happy to conduct a website health check at any time, and can give you a no-obligation quotation for performing one on an ad hoc basis.


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