Website editing guide

This document is aimed at AlbanyWeb customers.  It explains how to edit your website.  If you are not yet a customer, please feel free to take a look to get an idea how your own website would work.  If your own website is not this easy to edit, think about converting it to an AlbanyWeb site. 

AlbanyWeb sites use a Content Management System called Drupal.  Although there is extensive Drupal documentation on-line, this editing guide covers exactly what you need to do to add and change pages in your AlbanyWeb site.  So, this guide contains all the information you need and none of the information you don't need!  

We have endeavoured to make all our instructions as simple and intuitive as possible, but if you find anything is confusing or unclear, or if you have questions pertaining to special customisations in your own AlbanyWeb site, please contact us.