Website conversions

If you already have a website, but find it too hard to update, we offer a website conversion service to export your design and content into an AlbanyWeb-powered website.  Enjoy being part of the AlbanyWeb community of websites without all the stress of redesigning your existing website.

At AlbanyWeb, we have experience of Wordpress conversions and Google Sites conversions, and can also convert websites using other Content Management Systems, or built using other website software (such as Dreamweaver, Visual Studio, Weebly or Wix).

We can also add improvements to your existing website while we are converting it.  Tell us your wish list, and we'll give you a free quotation for each element.  Of course, our feature-packed standard website package offers a lot of improvements already. Every AlbanyWeb website, conversion or otherwise, includes them - without having to ask.

For simple websites, we can often perform the conversion for the same price as a new AlbanyWeb website.  Please contact us with your requirements and we will give you a no-obligation quotation.

Portable Content

Our quotations for website conversions will always include the cost of importing your existing content, including a safe URL-management process so you will not suffer broken links or loss of existing search engine position.  Of course, if you prefer to manage the content on your own, you can.

Weebly Conversion -

This artist website had a large quantity of images and a good ranking for its pages in search engines.  In our conversion and refresh project, we started by exporting and importing all the images in bulk, then creating an image selection tool to make adding and moving images much easier on the new website.  Most of the content was rewritten, but we were careful to preserve or redirect existing URLs to retain the existing search engine listings.

Wordpress Conversion -

Our most recent Wordpress conversion was in migrating a busy blog about handbell ringing.  The original Wordpress theme was recreated as a Drupal site, and all the features were preserved.  The conversion also preserved the URLs, so as to cause no loss of search engine visibility.

Google Sites Conversion -

Our most recent Google Sites conversion was exporting all the content from the website of a popular Young Adult author.  In this project, we added some substantial improvements by adding more navigation links, and linking related content in a way that was easier to maintain.

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