Website hosting

AlbanyWeb's ongoing hosting charges offer great value and service.

Our basic web hosting service offers you a good service for small websites with relatively low traffic.  Our continuously maintained and updated servers help to give you peace of mind, so you don't have to sweat these details.

Your hosting with AlbanyWeb includes:

  • registration of a domain (or equivalent).
  • regular backups (we take a copy of your website just in case you need it).
  • general updates and maintenance to our AlbanyWeb servers.
  • security patches and updates to the core software.
  • fixes to any problems that arise in the hardware or the website software (Drupal).
  • secure access (HTTPS) with your own password so you can edit your site safely.

We aren't going to brag and claim this is the best value hosting you will ever get - but we think it offers a lot for a very good price, and you will need to look hard for a comparable product. Few other companies will offer regular backups and security updates at this price.

Grow your hosting as you grow your website

If we feel, due to the size of your website, or the amount of traffic it is generating, that you need a bigger hosting package, we will help you analyse your requirements and create a package suitable to your needs.  You will still have all the benefits listed above, plus the speed and response time you need for your website.

For more complex or customised websites, we may increase your basic hosting charge to cover the extra cost of the software maintenance and additional security updates.  We will include the estimated hosting charge in your custom quotation.

Some of our clients may have specific hosting requirements which are not covered in our basic hosting plan, and for them, we have specifically customised plans that meet those requirements.  If you have more than ordinary hosting requirements, or are simply not sure, please contact us to discuss the matter and we can help you to the right package for you.

Add extra help to your hosting

What you put in yourself - your content - also has a part to play in the success of your website.   And sometimes you need some extra help with that.  We offer a variety of enhanced hosting packages, to make it easier (and cheaper) to ask for help when you get stuck.

Fast page loading is important

At AlbanyWeb we take the issue of speed and reliability very seriously, so we make sure that our server has enough power and bandwidth to make sure that all our AlbanyWeb websites load quickly.  If you have ever waited (and waited) for a website or blog to actually appear, you will appreciate how nice it is to see a website appear straight away.

When a website seems to load more slowly than it should, it indicates a couple of possible problems: one, that the website itself is not built efficiently, and two, that the hosting is underpowered.  We think both problems are avoidable and we are proud of our speedy websites, which are useable even when viewing on a slow mobile connection.

If you don't think page speed is important - think again.  Search engines such as Google take page speed into account when creating search results, as it is a reflection of how well the website has been built.  Unless your content has a spectacular 'Wow' factor, a bloated, inefficient website is a visibility killer.  Why take that chance? 

Where are our servers?

AlbanyWeb servers (where we host our AlbanyWeb websites) are provided by Tagadab, a UK-based specialist VPS hosting company which is part of the Claranet group.  We have found their servers to be super-speedy when loading websites.

Our servers are all physically located in the UK.  If you are required to make Data Protection audits or reviews, this simple fact can make your life a lot easier.  We can provide more specific information about where and how your website is hosted on request.

Security is important

At AlbanyWeb we are both active and prompt at maintaining the security of our servers, and we take it seriously.  That is why we always offer secure logins and why we participate in the Drupal community.

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