Hosting+Help package

Our Help+Hosting Package gives you two hours our of time (at a discounted rate) to help you with your content or general website maintenance.  You may use this for specific help enquiries with your content, asking us to add or create some content for you, a little extra training, small developments, or whatever you want or need. 

Your two hours' help is good for one year - and near the end of that year, if you have unused support time, we will contact you to discuss how to use that time to improve your website.  For example you might want to have all your links checked, or get a summary of your website traffic or statistics.

How does it work?

Simply ask us a question, either by email or via our contact form.  As part of our response, we will inform you how much support you have used, and how much you have remaining. 

If we think a particular query will take more than an hour's time, we will let you know before continuing with your query.

Why is Hosting+Help more cost effective?

Our Hosting+Help package saves you money in two ways:

  1. Our hourly rate is discounted.
  2. Our minimum charge is for a 15-minute increment when you have a support plan or pre-paid support (whereas without a support plan, we make a minimum charge of one hour's work).


What if I am not sure about the support I need?

You can always ask for help on an ad hoc basis, and we will always be available for you.  However, for our clients who are not on a plan, we make a minimum support charge of one hour's work because with the overhead to generate invoices and process payments.  That charge includes the first hours' work, and any further time is charged in additional 15-minute increments.

For some of our very confident clients, this may be a cost-effective option.  By the time your website has been launched, we have a pretty clear idea of your goals and style of working, so don't hesitate to ask us what you think will benefit you most.

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