Custom Features

Build your own website with exactly the features that you want, or augment your existing AlbanyWeb website with new features. If you would like to add any custom features to your new or existing AlbanyWeb website, please contact us for a no-obligation quotation. This list is not exhaustive - it is just a few ideas to get you started. If you have a customisation you would like, just ask us about it.

Adding a blog post is straightforward, using our online interface, WYSIWYG editor and easy image handling.  However, at AlbanyWebs, we know our way around a few blogs, and we have opinions about what works well and what doesn't.  As a result, our blogs come with some additional tools:  an automatic archiving tool (navigable by people and by search engines), the ability to tag posts, built-in previous and next links, and sharing links to popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.

A simple contact form on your website can help turn visitors into customers by making it easy for them to ask a question or enquire about a service.  It needn't be complex with a lot of fields to fill in - in fact, the simpler the better.  An easy-to-use, quick-to-fill-in contact form encourages visitors to use it.  At AlbanyWebs we can place your contact form on a special page, or include it in a box on all the pages on your site, or somewhere in between. 

We can add a contact form to your existing AlbanyWeb website too, just ask.

A contextual menu is a menu or list of links on your website that changes depending on what page a visitor is on.  Some examples of contextual menus are:  a list of subpages within a section, a list of items related by subject matter or keyword, a list of items that are newest or most popular.  AlbanyWeb can build into your website a variety of contextual menus, that will generate automatically - all you have to do is add a page, and the menus will take care of themselves.  AlbanyWeb also ensures that contextual menus are visible in sitemaps to allow for better search engine indexing. 

We can add a contextual menu to your existing AlbanyWeb website too, just ask.

A custom page is a website page that has either special content or has content that needs to be arranged in a customised way (or both).  AlbanyWeb can create a custom page or template so that you do not have to repeat information or replicate the same layout over an over again.   A listing of staff members or a list of products can both benefit from a custom page template.  A different example of a custom page template is a special layout for your homepage, or a special news page.  Where required, AlbanyWeb custom page templates come with the ability to show single or multiple items, and additional navigation (like 'Previous' or 'Next' buttons) to help make it easy to move from one item to the next.

We can add a custom page to your existing AlbanyWeb website too, just ask.

Create dedicated searches for your content that will help your visitors go directly to the information they need.  AlbanyWeb's custom searches work well for websites with a lot of content, products or complex pieces of content which contain a lot of cross-linking.  Our custom searches can help to create a search through a particular subset of content, or add extra search filters.

Setting up an online store is now easier than ever, and AlbanyWeb can give you a custom shopfront that does what you want it to do.

Multi-media is king on the Internet, and if you have a content stream on YouTube or similar audio or media files, then AlbanyWeb can add an easy and secure media uploader to your website, and give you control over your content. 

If you just want to add audio files, we have a dedicated and responsive audio player which can be built into your website for brief clips and samples. 

A file download tool offers you the ability to add a file (like a PDF) to your website, which visitors can download onto their computer and print or read offline.  An example of a file you might to add to your website is a registration form, or a brochure or a long technical document.  AlbanyWeb can also create private file downloads, which require login access to view.

We can add a file download tool to your existing AlbanyWeb website too, just ask.

AlbanyWeb can add the ability for user to login to your website using their Facebook, OpenID, or Google credentials.  This is a very useful option if you have a website where you have a lot of comments from a community, a Members-only area, or anything where you might have a lot of people who need to login.  Being able to login using an already existing and secure account like Facebook, OpenID or Google makes using your website a lot easier, as it is one less password to remember.  AlbanyWeb can integrate with other authentication processes as well:  just ask us if you have a particular requirement.

We can add other logins to your existing AlbanyWeb website too, just ask.

Use an interactive map display to help visitor locate a destination, or to display a set of search results by distance.

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