Blog with social media links

Adding a blog post is straightforward, using our online interface, WYSIWYG editor and easy image handling.  However, at AlbanyWebs, we know our way around a few blogs, and we have opinions about what works well and what doesn't.  As a result, our blogs come with some additional tools:  an automatic archiving tool (navigable by people and by search engines), the ability to tag posts, built-in previous and next links, and sharing links to popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.

Not all Social buttons are the same

Social sharing buttons are now a common feature on most websites.  Just take a look at the end of this article to see that AlbanyWeb is a regular participator in this trend.  It's a simple way to help bring your site to the attention of more visitors.  There's nothing better than a personal recommendation, and these buttons make it easy for your existing visitors to spread the word.

Choosing the best buttons

However, the code behind these clever little buttons can really affect your website efficiency.  On some websites, apparently simple buttons are created using multiple calls to external websites for each single button.  If you have quite a lot of buttons, that is a lot of calls.  Not only that, but fetching the icons from each individual social media site leads to inconsistent appearance.

At AlbanyWeb, we did a lot of shopping around for a good and flexible option...

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