Weedon Music

What is it?: 

An online store for the music of Penny Weedon

Special Features: 

Weedon Music online music store home page

Penny Weedon is an independent musician, composer and teacher, and wanted a website where she could sell her recordings and sheet music directly to the public.  She also has developed music courses for the visually impaired which are free to download.

The e-commerce website required a complex product offering - the online purchase of individual tracks, and also the ability to purchase an entire album with one click.  Sample audio is available for each track, and there is ample space for album notes, instructions, and the easy download of additional information.  In addition, we created free offerings that shared the look and feel of the purchasable tracks, but bypassing the shopping cart.  As part of our usual service, we made it very easy to add new albums, and new tracks and control the placement of promotions on the home page.

We also created an easy Events tool so that Penny could easily update her busy performance schedule, and hooked her blog to a newsletter facility, so that she could send her latest news to her mailing list with a single click.

We surrounded this with a 'red box' theme that gave a consistent look to all the different elements of her website, and the theme and online shop have the facility to offer additional products as Penny grows her portfolio.