Secure websites

As an AlbanyWeb customer, your web-site will automatically have a security certificate so that all the pages on your site have a secure connection (using HTTPS).  This is not just your login details or other personal information, but every page uses a secure connection.  Your site visitors will see the secure icon (often a green padlock) which gives them confidence and makes your site look more professional.  This feature comes as part of your hosting package at no extra charge. 

Secure web browsing at AlbanyWeb

Recently, Google increased the security warnings on the Chrome browser.  Chrome now generates a warning for any website without a secure connection if there is a user input box such as a search box. 

A secure connection is one where any information sent to and from the web page is encrypted, so protected from interception.  Visitors to a secure site will see the secure icon (often a green padlock) which gives them confidence and makes the site look more professional.  Another way to tell is that the address of a secure website starts with 'https:'.

Some website owners are frustrated by the change.  They accept that passwords and credit card details need to be protected, but their site only has a search form and the contents of that aren't sensitive.  The catch is that Chrome can't be sure what information is sensitive, so it is playing safe and generating a...

Online Security

At AlbanyWeb Ltd, we take the security of your website seriously.  Because of the precautions that we take, there's nothing you need to do other than keep your password safe.  Here are some of the measures we take that keep your own security precautions simple:

Secure Websites

There are so many stories nowadays about security threats on the Internet: hackers, phishing, spam, and viruses.  At AlbanyWeb, we realise that you don't necessarily want to take the time to understand all the technical details, you just want to know someone is looking after it for you.  At AlbanyWeb we take website security seriously enough to take an active part in improving security.

We ensure your website is secure by applying all security updates to our website software.  What's more the password you use to edit your AlbanyWeb website is safeguarded as we use a secure connection when you log in (check for the lock symbol).

But we don't just rely on everyone else to provide the security updates.  I spotted a small security flaw in part of Drupal, and reported it along with a fix.  Just recently the fix was approved and offered to all Drupal sites around...

Easier self-editable websites

In the old days you needed specialist skills to make even the simplest change to a web site.  Like most modern systems, our sites as easy for our clients to edit themselves.

At AlbanyWeb, we are pleased to announce our new easier self-editing interface.  Whilst you are viewing your site, if you see something you want to change, simply click on the edit button.  You can edit the page "in place" using simple controls much like editing a document or writing an email.  Whilst editing, you keep the colours, header, sidebars, fonts and so on from your site, so it's easier to visualise exactly how your page will look.

Don't worry, it's all perfectly secure, as you have to log in with your personal password to make changes.  All our sites come with HTTPS/SSL to protect your password.

AlbanyWeb customers are the first to benefit from this particular enhancement, which...

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