Easy image upload

Today's Internet loves images, but positioning and formatting an image on your website can sometimes be a bit of a struggle.  At AlbanyWeb, we have created some standardised image processes and styles, making adding images to your pages as simple as possible.  All you have to do is browse for an image on your computer, click the upload button, and optionally, insert it into your text where you want it.  Then our AlbanyWeb code takes over and adds the necessary to give you a tidy look and feel.  In addition, we are always on the lookout for ways to keep improving image management, which we then build in to our websites as part of our personal service.

Like all our standard features, we can create some custom styles for images to suit you.  So if you want something a little different or extra, ask us.

Playing with opacity

Bright, large text in a semi-transparent image layer

Working effectively with images is a balancing act, if you want to empower your editor to add and change images but still keep a visual impact with your website.  We have been playing with images and colour effects to enhance some of our newer websites.

Websites for artists

AlbanyWeb offer specially-created websites for artists that display their portfolio and is very easy to use and update.  Choose a slideshow, gallery or album format, and you control the content, its order and arrangement.

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