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What is it?
An information-sharing site for family research

The Rugby Family History group is a voluntary genealogy organisation, whose members specialise in the family histories of the Rugby area.  Their existing website needed a fundamental software upgrade, and they felt it was no longer a job for a volunteer.  AlbanyWeb did a website conversion from Joomla and created extra functions to help them more easily operate as a society.

Within the limited budget, AlbanyWeb focused on customised page templates to help organise and display the results of research of members of the group, including directories by parish, and a searchable table of Rubgy-based surnames, with links to the member who has an interest in that surname.  AlbanyWeb improved the news and events handling, and made adding images easier, with an improved presentation for those pages.

AlbanyWeb also created a members-only area, which will enhance the benefits of joining the group, and the membership can be managed through an easy interface behind the scenes.

All of the special pages and sections were built in awareness of a phased development plan to increase usefulness of the website, including the ability to send a message to a member (without publishing email addresses), and plans to sell collated records online.

The look and feel is simple and is similar to the previous website - however, we paid attention to text size and contrast, and reduced the number of elements on each page.  All this makes the site easier to read and to navigate.


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