I'm now mostly retired from Drupal development. I still maintain a few Drupal modules, and do occasional consultancy work relating to them.

Ridiculously Responsive Social Sharing Buttons Plus

Social sharing buttons that you can drop into any website with attractive SVG-based icons, small download, and browser compatibility.

RRSSB+ automatically adjusts to different screen sizes by tweaking sizes, splitting buttons evenly onto multiple rows and hiding the labels. The library offers consistently styled buttons for all sites. It avoids running scripts from each social site, with the inherent overheads and inconsistent appearance of buttons.

Developed by AlbanyWeb, based on the original RRSSB by KNI.


This is a demo page to show how the buttons adapt to the space available. So we've added a second set of buttons to let you see how they adapt to different shape containers. What's more, there is a form below you can use to reconfigure the button settings - normally only the site admin could do that. Of course the changes you make to our site are just temporary and don't affect other users.

Please give it a try - resize your window, change the options, do your worst, and watch the buttons adapt. We've tested on different browsers, from tiny to huge, but we welcome more testing. If you find a bug, please send us a screenshot.

Size, as a proportion of default size set in CSS.
Minimum size to shrink buttons to, as a proportion of original size.
Maximum size of buttons after they have been forced to split onto extra rows of buttons, as a proportion of original size.
Minimum number of rows of buttons. Set to a large value to create vertical layout.
Maximum number of rows of buttons. If more rows would be needed, instead the labels are hidden. Set to a large value to keep labels if at all possible.
Proportion of total width reserved for prefix to be inline.
Maximum prefix width as a proportion of total width before hiding prefix.
By default, buttons are left-aligned, with any padding added on the right. Enable this to right-align, and instead pad on the left.