Nano2Clinic - COST Action MP17140

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At a glance

What is it?
A research network for Nano medicines for cancer treatment

Cancer Nanomedicine is another COST Action website.  For this website, the researchers were anxious to get online very quickly, and so we broke this project into three phases:

  • A simple, four-page brochure website, which contained the regulatory information required of COST Actions.
  • The public-facing parts of the website, including the final design, menu structure, news and events content types.  At this point, the customer had access to create new content and update the site.
  • The private, members only features, which included creating member accounts for participants, the newsletter facility and restricted access pages for sharing drafts and datasets amongst researchers.

With the active participation of the client, we were able to bring the public-facing part of the website online with five weeks of the first contact.

This is the most standard of all our COST websites, using our basic COST Action website package to great effect.

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