Learn to ring handbells

What is it?: 

Converted Wordpress blog with extra features

Special Features: 

Learn to ring handbells blog by AlbanyWeb

This is an informative blog site with advice and anecdotes about change ringing on handbells, run by Tina Stoecklin and Simon Gay.  The original blog was built using Wordpress, and the aim of this AlbanyWeb conversion was to replicate the look, and the functionality as closely as possible.  Because the blog already recieved a regular stream of traffic, and had a reasonable catalogue of links from other websites, it was very important to ensure that the content was migrated exactly, right down to the URL structure.  The design, while it looks the same as before, is now responsive, so that it can more easily be viewed on mobile devices.  More importantly to the blog maintainers, it can be updated using mobile devices as well.