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What is it?
A research and community website for a COST Action

We created this website in accordance with the specifications for this Europoean COST Action, a networking project in atomic layer deposition research in Europe.  Starting with our basic COST Action package, we created a fully customised website with many extra features and custom content, including:

  • Special forms and templates to describe collaborations and publications, which could then be easily linked to other pieces of content such as Working Groups.
  • A customised member profile allowing easy and automated linkage to all the activities associated with each member of the network. 
  • Sophisticated user management, allowing network members to add news, collaborations or publications to the website, with a full workflow and approval process.
  • The addition of private fields to certain pieces of content, which are only visible to network members, to improve collaboration.

The biggest requirement was for this website to be both easy and convenient for members of the network, to encourage maximum participation.  As a result, most of the relationships between different parts of the website are handled by our software.  We also added extra features to the login process to help direct new users into making use of their editorial permissions.

Finally, we worked many small changes in the appearance of the administrative back end of the website to make help text more  prominent, and instructive, using colour creatively to draw the user's eye towards important information.

As with all our COST Action projects, we ensured that this website conformed to the branding and visual identity guidelines as advised by COST and by the European Union.

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