Photo gallery

A photo gallery is simple a collection of images gathered onto a single page, with hyperlinks to the individual images.  You may have experience of the laborious process of creating these by hand, adding each photo and link one by one.  At AlbanyWeb we can give you a flexible tool that will create the galleries or albums for you - all you have to do is upload the images.  AlbanyWeb has a variety of gallery solutions, including creating dedicated photo albums to simply gathering all the images anywhere on your website and displaying them in a random order.  All AlbanyWeb photo galleries are mobile-friendly, so that the album rearranges itself automatically to fit the screen size. 

We can add a photo gallery to your existing AlbanyWeb website too, just ask.

Playing with opacity

Bright, large text in a semi-transparent image layer

Working effectively with images is a balancing act, if you want to empower your editor to add and change images but still keep a visual impact with your website.  We have been playing with images and colour effects to enhance some of our newer websites.

Gaby Hahn art

Gaby Hahn art homepage

When her web designer retired, the artist Gaby Hahn approached AlbanyWeb to take over her existing website and give it a refreshed design, including additional copywriting to improve the copy, and extra support to manage content updates more readily.

We used our existing experience at designing a gallery space for artists, and applied this to Gaby's website, converting static image displays to slideshows controlled by thumbnail portraits.  We reduced the overall number of images on display, but added her entire...

Websites for artists

AlbanyWeb offer specially-created websites for artists that display their portfolio and is very easy to use and update.  Choose a slideshow, gallery or album format, and you control the content, its order and arrangement.

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