Email newsletters are a popular marketing tool, and with good reason.  Creating a newsletter helps to promote your website, encourage loyalty, and gather a list of interested customers and potential customers.  AlbanyWeb can offer an simple-to-use newsletter tool, including subscribe and unsubscribe links and associated administration.  Ask us and we can create a solution to fit your requirements and budget.

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Nano2Clinic - COST Action MP17140

Nano2Clinic home page

Cancer Nanomedicine is another COST Action website.  For this website, the researchers were anxious to get online very quickly, and so we broke this project into three phases:

  • A simple, four-page brochure website, which contained the regulatory information required of COST Actions.
  • The public-facing parts of the website, including the final design, menu structure, news and events content types.  At this point, the customer had access to create new content and update the site.
  • The private, members only features, which
  • ...

Yoga Scotland

Yoga Scotland home page

Yoga Scotland is the official governing body for yoga in Scotland, offering class listings, training and certification for yoga instructors, as well as other activities for people interested in learning more about yoga.  Over the years, their original Wordpress website became less fit for purpose and harder to maintain, and they lacked the expertise to manage their own hosting effectively.

AlbanyWeb offered a package to update their website, incorporating an improved version of our Threads of Yoga class search...

Avoiding the spam folder

One of the most useful ways to keep in touch with your audience, customers or regular readers is to send a regular newsletter.  The challenge is to make sure that email services recognise your newsletters as legitimate communications, rather than dumping your carefully crafted message in the spam folder.

The escalation in email spam means that it is a problem for everyone.  Email services have to continually improve their spam filters, and the problem is serious enough that a small business or organisation can accidentally fall foul of a spam filter, and in the worst case, be placed on a blacklist.

A few simple common-sense procedures can help you steer clear, and here is AlbanyWeb's anti-spam checklist:

  • Make sure your signup procedure is transparent, so that recipients know they are signing up for your newsletter.  This will help avoid recipients 'junking' your emails or reporting them as spam.
  • Always put
  • ...

Gaby Hahn art

Gaby Hahn art homepage

When her web designer retired, the artist Gaby Hahn approached AlbanyWeb to take over her existing website and give it a refreshed design, including additional copywriting to improve the copy, and extra support to manage content updates more readily.

We used our existing experience at designing a gallery space for artists, and applied this to Gaby's website, converting static image displays to slideshows controlled by thumbnail portraits.  We reduced the overall number of images on display, but added her entire...

Weedon Music

Weedon Music online music store home page

Penny Weedon is an independent musician, composer and teacher, and wanted a website where she could sell her recordings and sheet music directly to the public.  She also has developed music courses for the visually impaired which are free to download.

The e-commerce website required a complex product offering - the online purchase of individual tracks, and also the ability to purchase an entire album with one click.  Sample audio is available for each track, and there is ample space...


A newsletter on your site allows you to send a bulk mailing to all of your users.  Users can subscribe and unsubscribe via the site without your intervention.

AlbanyWeb's newsletter system is based on a type of page on your website.  It could be:

HERALD - COST Action MP1402

Page showing interlinked content on COST Action working group

We created this website in accordance with the specifications for this Europoean COST Action, a networking project in atomic layer deposition research in Europe.  Starting with our basic COST Action package, we created a fully customised website with many extra features and custom content, including:

  • Special forms and templates to describe collaborations and publications, which could then be easily linked to other pieces of content such as Working Groups.
  • A customised member profile allowing easy and automated linkage to all
  • ...

COST Action websites

A flexible, fully-supported and easy-to-edit website package for European COST (Cooperation in Science and Technology) Actions.  AlbanyWeb's dedicated COST Action website package offers a fit-for-purpose website including events, news, members area and compliance with COST guidelines on branding.

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