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A simple contact form on your website can help turn visitors into customers by making it easy for them to ask a question or enquire about a service.  It needn't be complex with a lot of fields to fill in - in fact, the simpler the better.  An easy-to-use, quick-to-fill-in contact form encourages visitors to use it.  At AlbanyWebs we can place your contact form on a special page, or include it in a box on all the pages on your site, or somewhere in between. 

We can add a contact form to your existing AlbanyWeb website too, just ask.

Nano2Clinic - COST Action MP17140

Nano2Clinic home page

Cancer Nanomedicine is another COST Action website.  For this website, the researchers were anxious to get online very quickly, and so we broke this project into three phases:

  • A simple, four-page brochure website, which contained the regulatory information required of COST Actions.
  • The public-facing parts of the website, including the final design, menu structure, news and events content types.  At this point, the customer had access to create new content and update the site.
  • The private, members only features, which
  • ...

Soma Yoga Scotland

Soma Yoga Scotland home page

Some Yoga Scotland is a small, largely voluntary, yoga association offers assisted places at yoga classes and seeks to educate and increase awareness of traditional yoga. 

As part of our work with charities, AlbanyWeb created a very simple but easy-to-use website, based on our standard website, with an additional feature to display events and classes automatically.  To reduce cost, we used a very simple design, but it still is effective in getting the Some Yoga message out....

Yoga Scotland

Yoga Scotland home page

Yoga Scotland is the official governing body for yoga in Scotland, offering class listings, training and certification for yoga instructors, as well as other activities for people interested in learning more about yoga.  Over the years, their original Wordpress website became less fit for purpose and harder to maintain, and they lacked the expertise to manage their own hosting effectively.

AlbanyWeb offered a package to update their website, incorporating an improved version of our Threads of Yoga class search...

Sawadee Thai Spa

hompage for Sawadee Thai spa website by AlbanyWeb

This website is a simple showcase of the services offered by a well-known practitioner of Thai massage.  The previous website was a complicated mixture of slideshows and other visual features which did not help to find the right information easily.  It was also not very easy to view on a small screen.

It was important to this client that she could update the website quickly using her phone, as she busy within the spa. 

We redesigned her website, using similar...

Murrayfield Community Council

Murrayfield Community Council homepage by AlbanyWeb

Adam became involved with the Murrayfield Community Council through his volunteering work, and persuaded them that they could reach out to the local community better with a modern website.  The main aim of this website was to make it very easy for members of the Council to add updates and broadcast those updates to their Facebook and Twitter pages.

An information-rich website can be hard work to navigate, and we used colours to guide visitors to different parts of the...

Hilary McKay

Splash page for Hilary McKay promoting her new book Fairy Tales

We were approached by children's author Hilary McKay to update her website on the retirement of her original designer.  The original website had lasted her a long time, but was now difficult to keep up to date, and not viewable on mobile devices.

We completely re-built her website to include a very visual and mobile-friendly display to show all her titles - this display can be filtered by series to make searching for specific books a little easier.

With each...

Gaby Hahn art

Gaby Hahn art homepage

When her web designer retired, the artist Gaby Hahn approached AlbanyWeb to take over her existing website and give it a refreshed design, including additional copywriting to improve the copy, and extra support to manage content updates more readily.

We used our existing experience at designing a gallery space for artists, and applied this to Gaby's website, converting static image displays to slideshows controlled by thumbnail portraits.  We reduced the overall number of images on display, but added her entire...

Rugby Family History Group

Rugby Family History sample parish listing

The Rugby Family History group is a voluntary genealogy organisation, whose members specialise in the family histories of the Rugby area.  Their existing website needed a fundamental software upgrade, and they felt it was no longer a job for a volunteer.  AlbanyWeb did a website conversion from Joomla and created extra functions to help them more easily operate as a society.

Within the limited budget, AlbanyWeb focused on customised page templates to help organise and display the results of research...

Weedon Music

Weedon Music online music store home page

Penny Weedon is an independent musician, composer and teacher, and wanted a website where she could sell her recordings and sheet music directly to the public.  She also has developed music courses for the visually impaired which are free to download.

The e-commerce website required a complex product offering - the online purchase of individual tracks, and also the ability to purchase an entire album with one click.  Sample audio is available for each track, and there is ample space...

Personalisation Partnership

Personalisation partnership website by AlbanyWeb

Personal and social care consultants the Personalisation Partnership approached AlbanyWeb wanting to create a brochure website that would be easy to maintain, and that would showcase their skills in a competitive market.

Because of the work that they do, it was critical that the website be accessible to a very high standard.  At AlbanyWeb we are careful to create accessible websites as a matter of course, but used this project as an opportunity to double-check our working practices.

For this...


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