Our website editing guide helps you through your first steps at editing your website.  You can also come back to it as a reference later on if you need a reminder.  This page here a brief overview of editing.

First steps

Before you can edit your AlbanyWeb website, you need to log in.  This protects your site from anyone else changing it.

Once you are logged in, you can continue to use your site exactly as any normal visitor would.  Whenever you see something you want to change, you can simply click on a button and begin editing it - it's a simple as that.

Editing menu

Whenever you are logged in, there is an extra editing menu at the top of the page.  We'll talk about the entries here in more detail later on.  However there one you will likely need first is to log out once you have finished editing.

Areas that can't be edited

Some parts of your site aren't available for you to edit yourself - please contact us to do it for you.  These are the parts that require more specialist knowledge or where it's easy to break the site if you make a mistake.  The advantage for you is that this means you can relax and feel safe when you are editing yourself because we have carefully set it up to be as safe as possible for a non-specialist to edit.

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