FastMail email hosting

AlbanyWeb don't directly provide email hosting, but we can help you get yourself set up with FastMail, who we use ourselves.  (If you use this link and then sign up, we get a small referral fee - thank you!)

Our help is available on a consultancy basis at our standard rates.  If you have fairly simple requirements it should take no more than an hour of our time.

FastMail offer not just email but also calendar, address book, file sharing, and a mobile app.

Account creation overview

  • We discuss your requirements and help you pick the correct package.
  • You create an account with FastMail and pay for the mailboxes that you need.
  • You share you master password with us.  We can then configure all the server settings on your mailboxes.  If you wish you can now change your password.
  • We can help you set up your email program.  Server names and ports are listed here

Using your account

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