New look to our website

Today we have launched some improvements to our own Yogawebs website - which now has many of the features we want to make available to our Yoga clients.

You can see some obvious changes - the new smaller logo, some smarter text at the top are probably the most obvious.  Also, some of you might notice that most of the images have completely disappeared!  Don't worry - we will be replacing them with new and better images soon.  The blog is a bit neater too.

The most significant change to our website is one you will only notice if you are looking at us using your phone or tablet.  Every part of the website now resizes and rearranges itself nicely to suit whatever screen size you are using.  No more sideways scrolling or zooming!  This feature comes built into every new Yogawebs website too.

In fact, our own Yogawebs website really is a Yogawebs website - it uses the exact same features and elements we offer to all our customers.  If we don't like something, we aren't going to force it on somebody else.  And if we think a feature is really quite important, then we'll make that available to our customers too.   And we already have a list of things we want to add....