The joys of the virtual office

The Adriatic sea forms the background to my virtual office

One of the big advantages of having a virtual office is that, with a little forward planning and a slight increase in luggage, we at AlbanyWeb can continue meeting the needs of our customers anywhere.

This week I have moved locations from my usual upstairs study in Glasgow to a small town in Croatia.  As I type this blog, the sun has come out after a spectacular thunderstorm the night before.  The image shows the new view from my Croatian study, which is a breezy balcony part way up a mountain slope.  The breezy balcony has one important feature, which is that it is within reach of a good quality wireless network.  And thus, with a bit of homework before travelling, I have ensured a seamless change of office. 

Why have I come here?  My husband is running a computing summer school this week, and I have just tagged along.  So we are both working during the day, and enjoying the quiet pleasures of Lovran in the evening in the  lively company of other computer scientists.

(For those of you who might think 'computer scientist' and 'lively' don't match very well, come and meet this bunch.)

And by the way - YES, I am having difficulty staying at my desk.  However, I have promised myself a glass of the local Malvazija at the working day's end.

We at AlbanyWeb are very happy to share our experience of virtual working, and are always happy to discuss the equipment and software that makes it all possible.  Adam and I work in slightly different ways, and our virtual office scheme encompasses those little differences too.  Please get in touch with us if you would like some more information.

In the meantime živjeli!