June 2014

One of the big advantages of having a virtual office is that, with a little forward planning and a slight increase in luggage, we at AlbanyWeb can continue meeting the needs of our customers anywhere.

This week I have moved locations from my usual upstairs study in Glasgow to a small town in Croatia.  As I type this blog, the sun has come out after a spectacular thunderstorm the night before.  The image shows the new view from my Croatian study, which is a breezy balcony part way up a mountain slope.  The breezy balcony has one important feature, which is that it is within reach of a good quality wireless network.  And thus, with a bit of homework before travelling, I have ensured a seamless change of office. 

Why have I come here?  My husband is running a computing summer school this week, and I have just tagged along. ...

Adding images to your website can be a most frustrating experience, especially compared to adding it to a document that you print out.  Here are some common frustrations:

  • the image appears in the wrong part of the page.
  • the text doesn't flow around the image nicely.
  • the image is a strange size, or gets stretched.
  • suddenly everything grinds to a halt.
  • somehow it doesn't look as nice as you imagined.

A little bit of work managing your images before you upload them will save you a lot of difficulty.

Getting your image in the right place

Accurately placing an image requires one of two things:

  1. a little knowledge of how html works.
  2. letting your website software control the image placement and size.

If you are not confident using html, it is better that you have a good software platform to do the heavy lifting for you.  If you look at...