August 2013

After a couple of years of working as a sole-trader, I had come both to love it and to struggle with it.  The freedom is great, but there is the sole responsibility for decisions and money generation; the occasional loneliness of solo work; the fact of being stuck with the jobs I dislike, such as writing readable prose.

So I am delighted to be teaming up with Tina.  We share goals and priorities, and our skills are complementary.  Plus she will listen sympathetically when I want to whinge about the utter unreasonableness of computers.


My husband has been saying for several years that Adam and I should go into business together.  I could never think of a project that would be sufficiently interesting for both of us. 

I'm full of ideas, me.  My problem is that my coding isn't up to the standards I would want to implement them, so I have a notebook full of good web projects waiting for either the right technology or the right partner in programming.  Adam is the man for that, and, it turned out, the man with the right idea at the right time.

The idea that became Threads of Yoga started when Adam began training to be a Yoga teacher, and discovered then a real lack of quality information, especially about yoga classes, online.  We started talking, and I added in the idea of building a community, where people can share Yoga practice, comment on classes...