Yoga with Bijam

What is it?: 

A warm, embracing Yoga website

Special Features: 

Yoga with Bijam yogawebs site by AlbanyWeb

Yoga with Bijam is a calm and informative website about Satyananda yoga practice, with details of classes offered by Bijam.  Each colour and element was carefully selected for its significance to Satyananda practice, including the specially designed logo of the seed with the bija (mantras) sprouting from it.  From the beginning AlbanyWeb designed this website to be an affordable customisation - in addition to all the features we offer as standard, we added a very simple members-only area.  This contains links and downloads exclusively for the use of Bijam's students. Since its launch, AlbanyWeb has also added some simple Facebook integration and helped create a newsletter template. Yoga with Bijam, like all AlbanyWeb websites, is designed to be scalable, so that as the website matures, it is easy to build new features into it.