Threads of Yoga

The clean search and results interface for threads of yoga

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What is it?
Find a yoga class with this really easy and flexible search

Threads of Yoga is a the project that brought AlbanyWeb into being, and we are pleased to launch this project.  Not only is it a platform for easily finding a yoga class based on a variety of search parameters, it offers individual yoga teachers the opportunity for better exposure on search engines than they would get on their own.

The very simple interface lies on top of a complex relationship between classes, teachers, and venues, all cross-linked to each other, and all having a consistent layout to prevent confusion and to help yoga students find the information they want.  We have arranged for key information on each class to appear first on the page, so that class details may be viewed quickly using a mobile phone.

This project has now been updated and incorporated into Yoga Scotland, as part of their new website and membership system.

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