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Nano2Clinic - COST Action MP17140

Nano2Clinic home page

Cancer Nanomedicine is another COST Action website.  For this website, the researchers were anxious to get online very quickly, and so we broke this project into three phases:

  • A simple, four-page brochure website, which contained the regulatory information required of COST Actions.
  • The public-facing parts of the website, including the final design, menu structure, news and events content types.  At this point, the customer had access to create new content and update the site.
  • The private, members only features, which
  • ...

Designing a website in the wrong order

The clue is in the word 'design':  most people think of a website design as totally taken up in appearance and images.  The look of the potential new website is what they want to see first.  That is completely reasonable:  how a website looks at first glance is extremely important, especially if it is supporting a business.

Once the 'design' is taken care of, the next step in the process is to add all the necessary information - all the content.  Many of our customers use the 'design' phase (the phase where we create the appearance) to gather up the information that they will eventually add to that design.

This two-step process is so ubiquitous in website design that most designers use placeholder text and images in the first step, creating beautiful eye-catching arrangements. 

The problem comes when the 'real' content replaces the placeholder content, and the customer discovers that...

MouseAGE - COST Action BM1402

MouseAGE COST Action website by AlbanyWeb

The MouseAGE website details the work of an EU COST Action, examining mouse models in the use of examing age and age-related disease.  Like all COST Actions, MouseAGE represents a diverse community of scientists from many countries, and they needed a flexible public-facing website with some networking options for members of the network.

We started with our standard COST Action website package, which offered most of what MouseAGE required, including automated listings for events and news items.  However, we...

HERALD - COST Action MP1402

Page showing interlinked content on COST Action working group

We created this website in accordance with the specifications for this Europoean COST Action, a networking project in atomic layer deposition research in Europe.  Starting with our basic COST Action package, we created a fully customised website with many extra features and custom content, including:

  • Special forms and templates to describe collaborations and publications, which could then be easily linked to other pieces of content such as Working Groups.
  • A customised member profile allowing easy and automated linkage to all
  • ...
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