Standard Features

These are the features that we at AlbanyWeb think every website should have, out of the box. So we have built them in. Our anything-but-standard websites include the things 'under the hood' you may not know you wanted, but will be glad to have. AlbanyWeb's standard feature set gives you control over your own website, gives you tools to help people find your website in search engines, and just generally creates a carefree, straightforward editing experience for you.

At AlbanyWeb we offer a flexible framework that can give you a fully functional website very quickly, but which still offers you a lot of choice in terms of how you want it to look.  On all our websites you have the choice of colours and fonts, and you can choose where they will all be used (and we are there to help too).  To help you make a decision, we have some 'Blue Peter' palettes (ones we made earlier), which are easy to fine-tune to your requirements.  

As with all our standard features, we can further customise the look and feel of your AlbanyWeb website, anywhere on the spectrum from a minor rearrangement to a complete customised design from scratch.  Just ask us for more information.

As part of our Standard Website Package, we install an automated cookie policy and implied consent-style popup to help AlbanyWeb customers comply with the Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC Directive) Regulations 2003, commonly known as the 'cookie law'. The use of cookies on standard AlbanyWeb websites is very modest, and our standard cookie policy says so in plain English. 

Today's Internet loves images, but positioning and formatting an image on your website can sometimes be a bit of a struggle.  At AlbanyWeb, we have created some standardised image processes and styles, making adding images to your pages as simple as possible.  All you have to do is browse for an image on your computer, click the upload button, and optionally, insert it into your text where you want it.  Then our AlbanyWeb code takes over and adds the necessary to give you a tidy look and feel.  In addition, we are always on the lookout for ways to keep improving image management, which we then build in to our websites as part of our personal service.

Like all our standard features, we can create some custom styles for images to suit you.  So if you want something a little different or extra, ask us.

All AlbanyWeb websites let you edit your webpages online, via a simple form, without any knowledge of HTML.  Our WYSIWYG editor is an industry standard, and lets you add links, add styles, add formatting and other text elements from its very easy-to-manage toolbar.  Just type in your text (or copy and paste it from somewhere else), and our editor converts everything to standards-compliant code, in keeping with the overall look and feel of your site.  We have added additional controls to strip out unwanted code from pasted text, to make adding links to other pages straightforward, and to keep your toolbar simple and fast. If you have used a word-processor like Microsoft Word, you will find this easy.  

Like all our standard features, if there is a toolbar item you want or need but don't see in our standard offering, ask us about it. 

All AlbanyWeb websites come with an internal search engine that allows visitors to search for information on your website. The intuitive search form can be placed on all your pages or just some of them, as you wish. 

As with all our standard features, the Search facility is fully customisable, so if you have a requirement for a special search or particular filter, please ask us.

More and more people are using smartphones, tablets and other other devices to use the Internet, so it is important to create a website that is easy-to-read in a variety of different screen sizes (using a mouse or a touchscreen).  By easy-to-read we don't mean a very tiny version of your page, we mean a page that re-formats itself so that the important information is right there front and centre all the time.  The technical term for this is 'responsive design' and we do it. 

Serious Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO, is an ongoing task which requires a lot of work and attention.  Many hosting companies offer 'SEO' like it is a plug-in component that magically does all your work for you.  At AlbanyWebs, what we offer you is a great start:  all our code is standards-compliant and uses HTML that is friendly to search engines.  We create URLs that are easy for search engines to follow and index.  We use XML sitemaps and semantic markup (using RDFa standard) to help search engines identify the important parts of your website.  Finally, we keep up-to-date with current SEO advice from search engines like Google in order to make sure that we stay compliant and friendly.  

We offer more intensive SEO consultancy and services to our customers too.

As an AlbanyWeb customer, your web-site will automatically have a security certificate so that all the pages on your site have a secure connection (using HTTPS).  This is not just your login details or other personal information, but every page uses a secure connection.  Your site visitors will see the secure icon (often a green padlock) which gives them confidence and makes your site look more professional.  This feature comes as part of your hosting package at no extra charge. 

A Sitemap is a useful and user-friendly extra navigation tool.  Even the smallest website can benefit from having a sitemap, which is why we always include one on AlbanyWeb websites.  Look at the bottom of the page for the Sitemap link and see for yourself.  Search engines love sitemaps, and we also provide an XML version of your sitemap, just to make search engines like Google index your website fast.  All AlbanyWebs sitemaps update themselves automatically whenever you make a change to your website - so our sitemaps work away to help your SEO without you having to do anything!

All AlbanyWeb websites have automatic integration with Google Analytics, so that you can track how many visitors come to your website, and what they do when they get there.  When you become an AlbanyWeb customer, we will either create a Google Analytics account for you, or connect your new website to your existing Analytics account. 

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