Personalisation Partnership

Personalisation partnership website by AlbanyWeb

At a glance

What is it?
A high-contrast accessible consultancy website

Personal and social care consultants the Personalisation Partnership approached AlbanyWeb wanting to create a brochure website that would be easy to maintain, and that would showcase their skills in a competitive market.

Because of the work that they do, it was critical that the website be accessible to a very high standard.  At AlbanyWeb we are careful to create accessible websites as a matter of course, but used this project as an opportunity to double-check our working practices.

For this website we checked the text contrast to ensure that it met strict guidelines, and a colour scheme that would degrade well into greyscale - while maintaining a high contrast. 

To help promote the expertise of the Personalisation Partnership, AlbanyWeb added extra navigation based on the services that they offer, and arranged the provided content in a way to showcase that expertise.  We also created an easy way to add reviews and feedback to enhance the content.

Complete this with a Twitter feed integration, and the result is a polished and professional website.

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