Fixed price website packages

What you want is a website and you want it now.  Further, you don't want to think too much about all the fine detail.  For you, we offer some well-researched and fixed-price packages to cater to particular online markets. 

Our website packages are not just mass-produced templates - we will still create a special look and feel for your website, and you always have the flexibility to change or add something.

COST Action websites

A flexible, fully-supported and easy-to-edit website package for European COST (Cooperation in Science and Technology) Actions.  AlbanyWeb's dedicated COST Action website package offers a fit-for-purpose website including events, news, members area and compliance with COST guidelines on branding.

Websites for artists

AlbanyWeb offer specially-created websites for artists that display their portfolio and is very easy to use and update.  Choose a slideshow, gallery or album format, and you control the content, its order and arrangement.

Websites for writers

AlbanyWeb offer specially-created websites for writers and authors that are very easy to use and update, and include useful social media and other good marketing features.