Murrayfield Community Council

What is it?: 

A social-media friendly community information website

Special Features: 

Murrayfield Community Council homepage by AlbanyWeb

Adam became involved with the Murrayfield Community Council through his volunteering work, and persuaded them that they could reach out to the local community better with a modern website.  The main aim of this website was to make it very easy for members of the Council to add updates and broadcast those updates to their Facebook and Twitter pages.

An information-rich website can be hard work to navigate, and we used colours to guide visitors to different parts of the website, whether it be events, official press releases, meetings or official documents and papers.  The large archive of minutes, agendas and other supporting documents now appear in a searchable table, and all events contain automatic links to relevant downloads. 

In order for all the most recent updates to be easily visible, we made the homepage look like a timeline feed, so for visitors it would have a very familiar interface, while still offering the traditional menu navigation a website can offer.

The real power of this website, however, is that whenever an update is added to the website, it is automatically pushed out to the Council's Facebook and Twitter pages, so that the editor only needs to update one place, and only needs to remember one password.   And updates are easy to add using a smartphone or tablet.