London Self-Directed Support Forum

The London Self-Directed Support Forum website by AlbanyWeb.

At a glance

What is it?
Sharing best practice via this networking website

The London Self-Directed Support Forum is an association of social care professionals and is dedicated to sharing best practice within the field.  The website forms part of their strategy to increase communication and participation amongst members, as well as to increase membership and raise awareness about social care issues. 

The Forum is run by a committee and therefore required a website that projected their aims very clearly, but also was extremely easy to update.  AlbanyWeb simplified the image uploading options and created a very automated home page, so that adding information was as simple as possible.

Additionally, the Forum website has a private section which is visible only to Members of the Forum, and takes advantage of our User Management system to add new members to the site.

All the features on this website have been designed for future augmentation and customisation as the organisation grows and use of the website increases.

This project had a very short timeline and we helped the Forum to create and launch their new website within two weeks in order to meet an external deadline. 

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