Graeme White Plumbing

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What is it?
Really simple website that maximises content

This was a website conversion that focussed on content.  The original website, using a free website builder, was organised by function:  a page for general information, a page for services, a page for images, a page for testimonials and so on.  It was also nearly invisible to search engines.

Our main goal in this website conversion was to simply make the website more visible, and make it easy - very easy - to contact Graeme for plumbing work.  To this end, we created a bright, high-contrast design, and completely reorganised the content.  We asked, what do people want to find on a plumbing website?  Evidence of plumbing experience.  So we organised the menu around each plumbing service, and included at least one image and at least one testimonial on each service page. 

As a final touch we added prominent contact details on every page, situated to appear early in the page load.

This project shows that even a simple website can be extremely effective when you think about the content and the sitemap.

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