Easy video or audio upload

Multi-media is king on the Internet, and if you have a content stream on YouTube or similar audio or media files, then AlbanyWeb can add an easy and secure media uploader to your website, and give you control over your content. 

If you just want to add audio files, we have a dedicated and responsive audio player which can be built into your website for brief clips and samples. 

Weedon Music

Weedon Music online music store home page

Penny Weedon is an independent musician, composer and teacher, and wanted a website where she could sell her recordings and sheet music directly to the public.  She also has developed music courses for the visually impaired which are free to download.

The e-commerce website required a complex product offering - the online purchase of individual tracks, and also the ability to purchase an entire album with one click.  Sample audio is available for each track, and there is ample space...

Alton Handbell Ringers

Informative page for Alton Handbell Ringers website by AlbanyWeb

This website was designed to showcase all the activities of this handbell group in Staffordshire, with the ambition of increasing their bookings for concerts and charitable events, and to recruit some new handbell ringers into the group.

For this we added an easy editable sidebar to list their upcoming events, and created clear links to information about the group.

Images are nice, but for a handbell choir, sound is better.  We added the ability to attach an brief audio clip...

Adding audio files to a page

AlbanyWeb provides the ability to add audio files to pages on your website, which can be played using an embedded audio player.

Requirements for audio files

For our standard AlbanyWeb websites, we have certain requirements for using audio files:

  • The file must be of filetype .mp3
  • The maximum file size is 2Mb.

The audio uploading facility we provide is designed for brief clips and samples, rather than long pieces.  This is to keep websites using our Standard hosting package within bandwidth and storage requirements.

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