Edit main menu

The article for creating a page explained how to add a basic page to the main menu.  For more sophisticated control over the menu, it's easier to edit the menu as a whole.

Please be careful on this page, as it's easy to accidentally break your menu structure.  Be careful not to drag existing items left or right without meaning to.

  • Make sure you are logged in to your site, and that you aren't in the middle of editing a page.
  • On your Editing Menu at the top of your page, click on the link "Edit main menu".
  • To the left of each menu link, there is a little 4-way arrow.  You can drag these up and down to rearrange the menu order.
  • Once you are done, click "Save configuration".
  • If you make a mistake, and want to discard your changes, click your browser back button.

Working with sub-menus

If you have a lot of menu items, we may have helped you group them into sub-menus.  If we didn't help you set up sub-menus, please ask us to get you started, rather than just trying it yourself.

In this case, you can see the hierarchy of the whole menu, because the child items are intended beneath the parent items.  Whilst dragging a menu link as above, you can also drag left and right to change the level of each menu.  When positioning an item to be at the top of a sub-menu, you need to drag it slightly to the right of the parent (the top level) item.

If you are thinking of creating a new top level  menu, or changing an existing item to have a submenu, check which type of touchscreen menu you have and then read the relevant section.

Touchscreen menu behaviour

In order for our websites to operate smoothly with a touchscreen, you have to click to open a submenu, and then click again to select any menu item within that submenu.  Depending on various factors, this means that you have to either click twice to open a top level menu that has a submenu, or any top level menu that has a submenu is not a menu item (but is a placeholder). 

To find out what kind of menu you have (if you can't remember):

  • If you double click on a top menu item and nothing happens, you have a placeholder menu system, and you should read the instructions for editing placeholder menus.
  • If you double click on a top menu item and it opens, you have a double-click menu system, and you should read the instructions for editing double-click menus.

Note:  If you have no submenus, all your menu items link to a page on your website, and you do not need to worry about any touchscreen behaviour.  If you would like to add submenus, it might be a good idea to discuss it with us first and we can help get you set up in the most appropriate way for your site.

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