Adding headings to your text

Putting headings in your text is a great way to make your pages easier to read and digest.  Headers can be used to break up paragraphs, and draw your visitors' attention to particular points on your page.

Using headings also makes your site more professional and easier for Search Engines to index.

The wrong way to add headings

You might think you can create a "header" by making the whole line of text Bold.  However it won't look exactly like a header, and more importantly, search engines can't tell it's a heading, which hinders your search ranking.

The right way to add headings using Formats

It's easy to add a heading the right way.

  1. Place your cursor on any line of text you want to be a heading (you don't even have to select it, just stick the cursor anywhere on that line).
  2. On your toolbar towards the right hand side, you will see a select box, which says 'Format' with a little downward arrow next to it.
  3. Click on the arrow, which will expose a list of heading options.
  4. Select the heading option that you want (usually this is Heading 2)

Different heading options

You will see a few different heading options in your box - using these you can create a hierarchy of headings and subheadings, so Heading 4 is a subheading of Heading 3.  Heading 3 is a subheading of Heading 2.

Removing or changing headings

  1. Place your cursor on the heading you want to change or remove
  2. Your select box will tell you which heading is currently applied.
  3. Click on the arrow to expose other heading options.
  4. To remove a heading, select 'Normal text'
  5. To change a heading, select a different 'Heading' option.

Problems with adding Headings

I can see Heading 2, but where is Heading 1?

The format for Heading 1 is reserved by the software for the title of your page.  This happens automatically and you don't have to worry about it.

I want to change the size of a heading - how can I do that?

The sizes, colours and fonts of your headings are set in advance by the YogaWebs software, but if you think a particular heading style isn't working very well and you want to change it, contact us to discuss it.