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Sue simpson website for artists by AlbanyWeb

Our newest AlbanyWebs website is a simple but powerful portfolio site for Scottish artist Sue Simpson.  Beginning with our standard website, we added an enhanced, accessible and fully-responsive slideshow that put her paintings and line of greetings cards front and centre.  In addition, Sue's website is the first of our projects that was designed to be best viewed on a tablet device, with elements of navigation floating around or below the centrally framed slideshows.

Sue's original website was built using Flash slideshows, which meant that it was not visible on many phones and tablets, and also meant that her ability to edit or add images and information was very limited.  As a result, the site grew a series of extra pages with additional information, that fell outwith the original design, and outwith the original (also Flash-based) navigation, and this made that information very hard to find.

We created a clean and subtly colourful gallery-like space to display Sue's painting and cards online, and behind the scenes drew all the information together into a single interface that Sue can control.  Almost all the information on her website can be controlled through a single form - all she needs to do is upload an image, add any relevant information and select a slideshow where it will appear.  Each slideshow relates to a menu item, so by editing her menu, she can add new slideshows, or retire out of date ones.  Not only that, but she can easily edit her site using her iPad.

Her previous slideshow forced each image into a fixed width and height - but we added full flexibility to allow for different widths, heights and aspect ratios (after all, not every painting is the same size canvas!).

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