Secure Websites

There are so many stories nowadays about security threats on the Internet: hackers, phishing, spam, and viruses.  At AlbanyWeb, we realise that you don't necessarily want to take the time to understand all the technical details, you just want to know someone is looking after it for you.  At AlbanyWeb we take website security seriously enough to take an active part in improving security.

We ensure your website is secure by applying all security updates to our website software.  What's more the password you use to edit your AlbanyWeb website is safeguarded as we use a secure connection when you log in (check for the lock symbol).

But we don't just rely on everyone else to provide the security updates.  I spotted a small security flaw in part of Drupal, and reported it along with a fix.  Just recently the fix was approved and offered to all Drupal sites around the world (technical details here).  At AlbanyWeb our philosophy is that if you are going to sell websites, you ought to have a good understanding of the software that they use, and be part of the development community that helps to improve it.

Standard Features