Getting along with the 'cookie law'

You see those windows on almost every website that you visit:  the little popup asking you to accept their cookie policy.  On some websites, if you ignore them they keep coming back.  They can be particularly annoying when you are using your phone or tablet, as they can take over your entire screen.

However, they exist for a good reason.  Those slightly annoying popups are helping to remind you that information is being collected about you, and that you have a right to know what that information is, and why it is being collected.  The reason we see these is due to a European Directive on privacy, called the Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC Directive) Regulations 2003, commonly known as the 'cookie law'. 

At AlbanyWeb we are great fans of personal privacy online, and our websites use cookies very sparingly.  Take a look at our cookie policy and see for yourself. 

Our notification, which pops up the first time you visit any of our websites, is designed to be noticeable but discreet enough not to be annoying.

All our customers' websites have a similar policy, which we install automatically.  As part of our standard website package, we also install an implied consent popup window, an appropriate model for our modest use of cookies.

That means that AlbanyWeb customers have help towards compliance with the cookie law, without having to ask - just one of the many things we think about, so you don't have to.

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