August 2016

You have just taken delivery of your sparkling new website, full of specially optimised content and are looking forward to a rosy future of high quality traffic.  At first you are not disappointed, and the compliments and business roll in.  Fast forward a few months, and somehow the website doesn't look so fresh, despite all your efforts keep it updated with new information and content.

The thing is, most people pay a lot of attention to their website while it is being developed, but that attention starts to drift away over time, and almost everyone drifts into time-saving activities.  The gradual accumulation of these can ruin your perfect website. 

Here are our top five:

1. Content-free content

My son creates movie trailers for pretend films, and has a knack for writing phrases that make the 'film' sound really great, especially when paired with the moving images.  He writes things like...