December 2015

In these days of human-friendly webforms and plain language instructions, the term 'alt text' is an geeky reminder of the first years of web development, when simple websites were built using raw HTML. 

Seeing those words on a image upload form or dialog, anyone can be mistaken for thinking this is something too technical and opaque to bother about.  Really, what does it mean? 

Take the time to learn, because the 'alt text' attribute can be your best friend on your website.

What does 'alt text' mean?

The term 'alt text' is a short version of 'alternative text'.  It refers to a word, phrase, or better yet, brief sentence that can be added to an image or graphic.  In cases where the image or graphic can't appear (for example, in a text-only browser or where your visitor has switch images off), the 'alt text' appears instead of the image, and...