May 2015

Recently, we completed a straightforward brochure website for a plumbing business.  Sounds a little dull?  Quite the opposite.

True, it was missing 100% of the fancy widgets, social media interactions and flashy graphics that many people think defines a successful website.

However, through good organisation of content we were pleased to be able to deliver a very effective website at a very reasonable cost.  Many website packages offer a default menu structure that is based on the type of content - one page for images in a gallery, another page for testimonials, and another page for 'general information'.  So far, so webby.

I have searched for plumbers online plenty of times, so I decided to create a website that would answer my questions as a potential customer: what services are offered?  When can I call? Is there a callout charge, and if so, what?

We decided to put that information on...