Email hosting

AlbanyWeb offers email addresses to match your website.  For example, the website has a related email address  To order this service, contact AlbanyWeb.  You choose whatever you want for the part before the @, or even have multiple addresses if you want.

Email forwarding

With email forwarding, your new email address redirects all emails to your existing email address.  This means that your customers see the professional-looking address to match your domain, but you carry on using your existing email account.

Email hosting

Email hosting gives you a new email account to match your website name.  This option is useful to keep your work emails separate from your private ones, or if you are worried that your existing email service is not reliable.  Another reason to choose this option is if you are uneasy about the way some free email providers track data about you.

AlbanyWeb email accounts come with webmail, or you can run your normal mail program (option of POP or IMAP).  We offer spam and virus filtering, secure login and daily backups.